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    What is executive power?

    What would you do if the leader asked you to complete a report without specifying the time? Do it first, then grind it until the leader comes to urge it.

    Are you executing?

    Of course.

    Is it called executive power?

    Of course not.

    Execution is not equal to execution.

    Your wife's birthday, let you buy a bottle of red wine at home to celebrate. You bought a nice looking red wine at the supermarket. Only when I got home did I find that there was no red wine glass. You've fulfilled your wife's request, but that doesn't mean you have the execution power.

    You were transferred to a project team. You had a proposal that was good for the company but burdensome for the project team. Because there were objections, you did not do it. So he comforted himself in his heart: "It is division of labor, why is it so true? This is also a sign of lack of execution.

    Dechang Executive Force

    At 1:14 a.m. on June 18, Mr. Huang went to the workshop to inspect the work and found problems, which were reflected to the director of the workshop, Mr. Lei.


    At 7:01, Director Lei saw the information and responded: Received.

    At 17:45, Director Lei gave feedback to the injection workshop, so the team improved the situation on the spot.





    Director Lei said: "When I saw the problems pointed out by General Huang, I was ashamed. It was my negligence in management and I did not do a good job. In the morning, I went to the scene at the first time after work. I immediately called all the team managers to meet, briefed the situation, and made a review. I asked all the teams to check and rectify.

    When the leader raises questions and requests, his subordinates should immediately proceed with them, which is implementation. Quick soldier can play a decisive role. Quick workers need to work hard, speed and quality. At the same time, we should make every effort from the point to the point, draw inferences from each other, see more needs to be improved from the request of the leaders, and start to do it immediately, and do it well, which is the real execution force.

    Huang said, "Xiao Lei's efficiency in improving this problem is exactly what the Dechang people need for execution and action. But from another aspect, we should also reflect on whether there are other loopholes in our daily work. If we want to achieve the highest level of execution, we should also take the initiative to reflect and implement."I hope that other departments can cite one example from the other, take the initiative to self-check, find problems, solve problems in time and quickly, and effectively improve the execution force."

    A person's executive ability depends on his ability, more importantly, his attitude, and his sense of responsibility. The sense of responsibility means execution, strong sense of responsibility, positive and correct working attitude, down-to-earth and hard work. This is what Dechang people need.

    Execution is not only a commitment, but also an attitude.

    Updated date:2019-06-20
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